Redefining Outsourcing

Why Outsource your IT?

It’s hard to pin down not just what it means, but how it works, where it adds value, and what it feels like on a day-to-day basis in your business.

A quick search online offers a bewildering number of avenues: ‘in-sourcing’, ‘near-sourcing’, ‘off-shoring’, ‘co-sourcing’, ‘hybrid sourcing’ or ‘collaborative sourcing’. In fact, these are all just different forms of outsourcing renamed, repackaged, and sold as the brand new thing in the IT market. Ultimately, we’re looking at different shades of grey and a huge amount of confusion.

At Turrion, we believe in keeping things simple. We’re focussed on the needs of dynamic mid-market businesses that want the freedom to flex strategically without the constraints of IT. To deliver this, we provide completely flexible outsourcing to our customers no gimmicks, no packages. We don’t dictate. Every business is different. Whatever stage your business is at, outsourcing is the way we cut through the complexity of IT and make it simple.

By listening first, advising second, we deliver services shaped carefully around your ever-changing business ambitions. We work to your comfort levels; we can take responsibility for some, or all, of your business IT, and deliver an IT strategy that flexes at your own pace. We deliver our services however, whenever, at whatever level feels right for you on-site, off-site, with your team or without them. With the peace of mind that comes with fully accredited, world-class service, you can get your focus back on the big picture and work better and faster to achieve it.

IT outsourcing creates value across all parts of your business, minimises risk and enhances your competitive footing in uncertain markets.

Outsourcing improves the following elements of your business

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Financial
  • Processes and applications
  • Infrastructure
  • People
  • Outcomes-based measurement
how can we help you?

Turrion is not only our preferred supplier for all our IT needs but is also managing our core IT infrastructure. We are highly satisfied with the technical expertise, commitment and professionalism that their team brings in and we look forward to continuing this association in the long term.

Director IT , Jewelex India Ltd