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Whether you are looking to become more agile or minimize staffing related issues, Turrions professional services provides a single window to access proven expertise and specialized skills which can help build & sustain any IT infrastructure. Engagements can be taken up globally, to help business consolidate and adopt new technologies quickly and effectively.

Through our solutions, organizations are achieving impact through all facets of IT Talent Management, including traditional resource hiring and the contingent workforce. But as times change, our clients are looking for more than solutions. They look at us as a strategic talent advisor with the knowledge and capability to keep them ahead. With expertise in IT recruitment, where we do much more than simply placing resources – we provide an array of consulting services and work with you to examine specific needs then implement a tailor-made solution.

Controlling costs, improving quality Our clients have a record of success achieving significant cost savings and improvement in quality of talent. Compliance risk mitigation Consistent, informed engagement of contingents reduces risk. National governance and execution A centralized strategy for architecture, compliance and data management delivered with seamless integration with hiring managers and contingent workers. This balances the need for control at regional and local level. Looking beyond year-one efficiencies As cost, speed, and quality are achieved, we help you move to the next level in driving business impact through scalable, flexible workforce planning. Our screening ensure each candidate fits the job, manager & company.

Short and long term temporary staffing draws on the power of our extensive talent network and our decade of experience in the business to develop customized solutions for each client. We dedicate time to learn about your organization and its talent needs, and then we act as partners in sourcing & managing qualified candidates.

Turrions temporary to permanent service offers companies an excellent way to staff jobs when trial periods have proven useful in evaluating employee skills, quality and overall fit. Turrion hirs resources for a predefined duration (preferably > 6months), on behalf of customer for IT & related skilled resources, post completion of the committed period; customer can absorb the resource at NO COST

Companies opt for Turrions direct hire service when they want their new employee on their payroll from day one and are looking for an expert to make qualified candidates available.
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Turrion is not only our preferred supplier for all our IT needs but is also managing our core IT infrastructure. We are highly satisfied with the technical expertise, commitment and professionalism that their team brings in and we look forward to continuing this association in the long term.

Director IT , Jewelex India Ltd