Application Development & Management Services

Embedding IT in business needs can help reduce the time to market and drive your competitive edge. Customised application development and maintenance meets your business objectives while reducing the cost of ownership.

Turrion provide application development and maintenance services that guides you through every step of the process beginning from the conception of the desired software up to the deployment and maintenance. Our guiding tenet in ADMS help global customers achieve cost efficiencies and deliver true business value. Our well codified employee base help translate your requirements to designs with ultimate robustness. With our technical expertise we maintain and improve the functioning of your critical applications and ascertain its relevance to the changing business and technology environments.

  1. Renovate your new, aging and legacy applications to boost your ROI.
  2. Leverage your Legacy Applications by recapturing their inherent business logic.
  3. Integrate leading Internet-enabled applications to maximise your ability to compete globally.
  4. Maintain your critical enterprise software up to date to improve response to customers.
  5. Develop new applications to accelerate the technological advancement and reduce costs within your enterprise.
  1. Developing New Applications.
  2. Custom Software development
  3. Web Enabled Applications
  4. Maintaining & Supporting existing Application Portfolio
  5. Modernizing Legacy Applications Seamless migration from legacy to new application
  6. Web Portal Development and Deployment

To provide our clients optimum service, Turrion leverages the 3 shore model with an offshore centric, near shore and multi shore level of performance. It offers our clients an opportunity to choose based on their necessities

With the help of strategically distributed locations of Turrion, we are able to cater to all our customers base. Our technical skills, process rigor and savvy methodologies provide seamless IT solutions.
A structured work flow and the delivery model of Turrion furnish cost effective and on time delivery of services. Bringing together efficient practices and architectures, superior governance models and a rich talent pool guarantee relevant applications bestowing a competitive advantage on our clients across the country.

What Turrion can do for you?

  1. Optimize the ROI from new, aging and legacy application systems by modernizing them.
  2. Leverage your Legacy Applications by recapturing their inherent business logic.
  3. Increase your ability to compete globally by integrating leading Internet-enabled applications.
  4. Improve your response to customer needs by keeping critical enterprise software up-to-date and / or build new applications.
  5. Speed the pace of technological change within your organization while minimizing costs.
how can we help you?

Turrion is not only our preferred supplier for all our IT needs but is also managing our core IT infrastructure. We are highly satisfied with the technical expertise, commitment and professionalism that their team brings in and we look forward to continuing this association in the long term.

Director IT , Jewelex India Ltd