Data Center Modernization

Turrion Infotech has extensive and demonstrated experience consolidating, building and operating data centers. We support our customers with their transformation and consolidation of data centers to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency, increase security, standardize performance levels, consolidate applications and decrease energy costs.

As a trusted partner, we work closely with our customers to provide modernized solutions and leading-edge services that span the full solution life-cycle.

Turrion helps our customers in

  1. Data center security and compliance
  2. Virtualization and data center automation
  3. Environmental management and energy efficiency
  4. Virtual workspaces and thin client environments
  5. Application virtualization, consolidation, migration and hosting
  6. Shared services development and implementation

Our product offering is split into 3 simple categories
Our services include

  1. Professional Services
  2. New Generation DC Design & Build
  3. Products & Solutions
how can we help you?

Turrion is not only our preferred supplier for all our IT needs but is also managing our core IT infrastructure. We are highly satisfied with the technical expertise, commitment and professionalism that their team brings in and we look forward to continuing this association in the long term.

Director IT , Jewelex India Ltd