Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has infused the market and set the stage for an innovative approach to IT that allows businesses to acquire IT services with a reduced emphasis on the constraints of traditional software and hardware licensing models. This significantly impacts every aspect of IT and how users access applications, information and business services. Enterprise leaders across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the need to embed cloud into the fabric of their IT and develop an effective cloud strategy that allows optimization of existing IT environments through effective integration of resources into the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Everybody is talking about Cloud Computing, but what is it and what can it do for your business?
Put simply, cloud computing is a method of securely storing your company files, data, applications and emails in a central off-site location or data centre. Instead of investing capital on a server sitting in your office, your information or services is hosted out in “the cloud” where it can be accessed virtually by you and your staff, often from any location.
This not only saves you money by removing capital expense and maintenance costs for on-site hardware, but also offers a more flexible approach to IT, enabling employees to access everything they need to work remotely, no matter where they are in the located.
In addition, your data can be safely backed up away from your office meaning instant continuation of service in the event of fire, flood, theft or equipment failure. So if the worst happens and your business experiences a disaster, you can be operational again in no time at all. So! Cloud Computing can help your business.

We provide comprehensive series of consulting, integration, and support services which enable clients to successfully deploy a cloud while maintaining operational compatibility and transforming their existing infrastructure for the delivery.

Turrion’s offerings includes

Cloud computing is a significant trend with the potential to increase agility and lower costs. While the concept of cloud is simple, determining how cloud best fits with your business strategy and organizational structure is incredibly complex.
We help you not only sort out the complex choices presented by the vendor, services and technologies available in the market, but also help you integrate your new IT landscape for real business value attainment. We help understand you understand the IT service models, a strategy to integrate internal and external capabilities in a cost-effective manner in order to meet your value-oriented goals, while intelligently mapping the inherent risks to your organization’s governance and tolerance frameworks.
We map cloud computing to your larger business strategy and help the organization bridge the gap between the new technologies and their impact on your business operations and growth opportunities.
Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate time-to-market for application deployments
  • Improve IT resource utilisation
  • Reduce OPEX while increasing capabilities

While many of the organizations understand the values of Cloud Computing, there remains a high level of uncertainty in realizing the true promise of the cloud. Turrion’s cloud assessment services is aimed at helping businesses realizing the true values of Cloud Computing while minimizing the risks and pitfalls.
Similar to any other technology, cloud computing is not for everyone and every need. Turrion’s works with clients to understand their business needs, evaluate the benefits and risks of Cloud Computing as applicable to their business, and suggest if and how they can leverage Cloud Computing Technologies to grow their business.
Turrion can help you with:

  • Build new Software as a Service (SaaS) application.
  • Currently have a software product that you would like to offer as a SaaS solution to your customers.
  • Internal business processes and applications to the cloud.
  • Minimizing the expenses (CAPEX) with IT infrastructure.
  • More learning about cloud computing and understand how it may help in growing your business.

Cost reduction, solving new business problems, and improving system performance are at the core of today’s IT agendas. Recognizing how cloud computing can help you achieve these goals is the first step. We understand how to successfully migrate your apps to the cloud so you can reduce the cost of IT and provide more flexibility to the business.
The Cloud Migration Services from Turrion are the part of our professional services organization where we use to guide our customers around the hazards of migrating critical business functionality and applications to the Cloud.
Turrion incorporates analytical technologies that measure, automate and predict the capacity and growth requirements of business critical functionality. This allows us to support the Cloud migration strategies of our customers or where Cloud migration will have an adverse impact, to suggest alternative consolidation and virtualization strategies.
The primary objective of Cloud Migration Services is to support our customers to achieve continual and measurable benefits of migration to the Cloud.
Business Challenges

Limited technology resources, high support costs and complexity of different hardware and software components are some of the key elements of IT that negatively impact your business strategy. Turrion’s Cloud Management Solutions helps organizations save cost and increase profitability through serving their IT needs using a cloud. Turrion provides a flexible and affordable suite of services to help you monitor and manage your applications & infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively either on-site through a Private Cloud or remotely using a public cloud infrastructure.
Value Addition
The business benefits of the Turrion’s approach to Cloud Migration include

  • Reduce operational costs by at least 40% with minimal up-front costs.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for servers, storage, network, database and software components.
  • Get real-time reports, automated notifications and alerts.
  • Options for both public cloud infrastructure as well as on-site private cloud infrastructure.

Private Cloud
Turrion can build a dedicated private environment that is scalable, fast and flexible enough to run any applications including ERP and CRM solutions.
Turrion provides end-to-end solution including infrastructure, Application, virtualization platform, and integration so that customers can run virtual appliance without worrying about IT resources. Also, a Console is provided to customers to create various appliances and upgrade/ downgrade resources on the cloud as per their requirements from time to time. Enterprise applications can be delivered as a service using private cloud technologies. With private cloud you get many of the benefits of (public) cloud computing with the additional control and customization associated with using resources that are dedicated to your organization.
Key benefits:
A complete consolidated layer of control over every aspect of your IT. You just log into a web console and start allocating resources on-the-go. You get to fully monitor and track usage of your systems. This means you can save costs by ensuring optimal use of IT resources. Your IT department gets complete control

how can we help you?

Turrion is not only our preferred supplier for all our IT needs but is also managing our core IT infrastructure. We are highly satisfied with the technical expertise, commitment and professionalism that their team brings in and we look forward to continuing this association in the long term.

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